Profil picture of Andreas Schmid
(c) Jan Siefert

Andreas Schmid, 1955*, Stuttgart, Germany, is an artist and curator situated in Berlin. After studying painting and drawing in Germany he went to the PR China to study Chinese calligraphy. He is engaged in many artistic bodies in Berlin and the German government concerning e.g. public art, independent art networks etc. and in various organizations like IGBK and Deutsche Künstlerbund.

For the IGBK he conducted several symposia and projects like “Dreams of art spaces collected” or “artists in transit” collectively.

In his curatorial work he has mainly focused on contemporary art in the PRC. In his own artistic work, he deals with the transformation of spaces and perceptual processes through e.g. drawing in and with space. His work has been presented in various countries throughout Europe, Canada, USA and PR China. He has also been teaching - mainly about space and light - in Europe and the PRC.

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