onAIRISM 2022 - interaction and connectivity

Online workshop and a digital conference on the work and visions of artists' residencies and their networking in the global south (...)

With the continuation of onAIRISM in 2022, IGBK will again address the work and visions of artist residencies (AIR).

While the focus in 2021 was on the Americas, in 2022 other regions in the global south, individual countries in Africa, South- and SouthEast-Asia, are to be considered. We are particularly interested in the interaction and networks between these countries. Where are there already joint projects that strengthen the connections? How does this exchange take place? What commonalities or differences make this exchange particularly productive?

Hauptartikel on airism igbk banner 2021

Over the year, results of this project’s exchange and research - quotes, excerpts, notes and images - will be published on a digital pin board here.

In exchange with: 32° East (Kampala, Uganda) | CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago (Turku Archipelago, FIN) | CACHE (Beijing, China) | Cemeti Institute for Art and Society (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) | Jatiwangi Art Factory (Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia) | Project Space Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria) | Raw Material Company (Dakar, Senegal) | Sa Sa Art Projects/ Pisaot Residency (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) | SPACE STUDIO (Vadadora, India) | TEOR/éTica (San José, CRI) | Theerta (Colombo, Sri Lanka) | Villa Gottfried (N'Gaparou, Senegal) | What About Art (Mumbai, India) | Zona Imaginaria (Buenos Aires, ARG)

An overview of all the partners in our onAIRISM gatherings in 2022

An overview of the onAIRISM partners in 2021


Picture of Samantha Domingo giving her keynote speech

at the onAIRISM conference 2022

Picture of Taru Elfving giving her keynote speech

at the onAIRISM conference 2022

Picture of Teesa Bahana giving her input during the conference

at the onAIRISM 2022 conference

Conference 23 and 24 November 2022

23 and 24 November 2022 | Zoom

Notes from the working groups

TEOR/éTica in front of the entrance door

San José, Costa Rica

Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia

Stage with a circle of audience

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Group picture of the onAIRISM-team, IGBK office-team with Edith, Lieven and M.A.

Visit from board and team members in Berlin

work of street art on a huge wall with several hands

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Video for the onAIRISM conference November 2021