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Elsa Hagelskamp, (*1960, South Africa), is a freelance artist based in Leimen near Heidelberg.

She completed her artistic training at the Johannesburg Art Foundation (drawing, painting, printing, sculpture) and studied at the University of Stellenbosch (BA: Psychology and Sociology) and at the University of Johannesburg (BA Honneurs: Afrikaans Literature).

In her object art, collages and assemblages, painting, drawing and photography, Elsa Hagelskamp not only deals with current socio-political and cultural events, but also with biographical events and expresses this in her works. As a former journalist in South Africa, Elsa Hagelskamp's all-encompassing and thorough research is a natural basis for the successful implementation of socio-political themes in her artistic work.

Her painterly works are mostly characterized by free abstract form and colour. She is often concerned with balancing elements inherent to the picture such as form, color, line, rhythm and dynamics in order to create an inherent balance. Elsa Hagelskamp has participated in numerous exhibitions in South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands.

She has lived in Germany since 2000 and has been active in various art associations, on their boards and as an exhibition curator since 2007. She is a member of the Kunstverein Leimen (formerly first chair), the GEDOK Heidelberg (formerly 2nd chair) and the GEDOK Karlsruhe. She has been a delegate of the federal GEDOK in IGBK since 2014 and a board member of the federal GEDOK for a total of 6 years.

Elsa is active in the visual artists | diverse conditions working group on visual artists associations and structures.