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Andrea Cochius is a trained stone sculptor, studied artist, a project manager and has a degree in teaching art and German. She works full-time as an artist with a focus on painting. Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited widely, including in Berlin and Brussels.

She has always been inspired by the stories and faces of people. Her travels have taken her to the remotest corners of the world, from the streets of India to the metropolises of Europe. In every portrait, in every drawing, she searches for the beauty and spirit of the human. Her work is not only a representation of people, but also a reflection on the values and ideals that these personalities embody.

Her current project EUROPEAN VISIONS is on view at the European External Affairs Service (EEAS) in Brussels and in Mexico at the Guadalajara Book Fair in November.

Since 2023 Andrea is a delegate of the GEDOK to the General Assembly of IGBK.

Andrea is active in the visual artists | diverse conditions working group on visual artists associations and structures.