Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Blurred silhouette of a artist in the Sa Sa Art Projects atelierSa Sa Art Projects space during The Sounding Room project, 2011 (c) Sa Sa Art Projects

Lyno Vuth and Dara Kong from Sa Sa Art Projects/ Pisaot Artist Residency join us for the onAIRISM - interaction and connectivity workshop in June and the conference in November 2022.

Pisaot is an experimental arts residency program for Cambodian artists, as well as selected visiting guests, to undertake a period of usually six to eight weeks living and working in the Sa Sa Art Projects space, in central Phnom Penh. We focus on regional dialogue, hence our priority is working with Cambodian artists and artists from Asia, with additional engagement with those from elsewhere.

During each residency, artists are encouraged to experiment in their practice. Pisaot does not ask artists to make work for an exhibition. The program gives selected artists freedom to do anything they want. Artists-in-residence are encouraged to try new ways to use different media and/or to explore new ideas that expand the artists' current practices and challenge the possibility of art.

Sa Sa Art Projects promotes a two-way knowledge sharing. While artists-in-residence research on their personal projects, we encourage them to also share with the art communities and audiences in Phnom Penh. Artists-in-residence are expected to engage the public during the residency, either in an artist's talk, workshop, skill-sharing session, open studio, or other format.

Sa Sa Art Projects is a Cambodian artist-run space dedicated to experimental and critical contemporary art practices. It was founded in 2010 by the Cambodian arts collective Stiev Selapak and operated from the historic and vibrant apartment complex known as the White Building until 2017, when the building was demolished for new development.

At its new location, Sa Sa Art Projects has shifted toward a stronger engagement with Cambodian young artists and art graduates while continuing to build a deeper dialogue with artists within Asia through its creative education programs, exhibitions, its signature Pisaot artist residency, and other special collaborative projects.

Sa Sa Art Projects is an experimental mechanism which addresses Cambodia's lack of infrastructure for contemporary art education and engagement by creating space for critical discussion. We believe that by not being bound to a rigid organisational structure, Sa Sa Art Projects is able to evolve organically to adapt to the changing context and needs of the communities with which we work.