Lagos, Nigeria

Exterior View of the Project Space Lagos
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Emeka Udemba from Project Space Lagos joins us for the onAIRISM - interaction and connectivity workshop in June and the conference in November 2022.

Founded in 2011, Project Space Lagos (PS Lagos), is a pioneer independent contemporary location for the Arts in Nigeria. With the aim of addressing the challenges of a rapidly evolving creative environment with both a local and international context, the PS Lagos through its activities is a platform for critical creative thinking, engagement, experiment, production and presentation, interrogating the status quo and pushing creative boundaries.

Two men working on a recycled artwork of plastic bottles

Project Space Lagos is a community-first ethos institution for local, national and international creative collaboration. It brings together artists and creative minds from other disciplines to reflect on various issues and concerns. These range from environmental, political, economic, scientific and other social interests. Consequently, these various interdisciplinary themes and activities include curated exhibitions and projects, concerts, performances, educational initiatives and residencies.

As a compelling cultural attraction in the Badore area of metropolitan Lagos, programmes and activities of Project Space Lagos act as catalysts for redefining the transformative role of the Arts in society.

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