N'Gaparou, Senegal

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(c) Villa Gottfried/ Mansour Ciss

Mansour Ciss from Villa Gottfried joins us for the onAIRISM - interaction and connectivity workshop in June and the conference in November 2022.

Villa Gottfried was founded by the internationally renowned artist Mansour-Ciss Kanakassy and opened with an inaugural exhibition during the Dak'art Biennale in 2002.

Villa Gottfried offers cultural programs on request with workshops, seminars, multimedia exhibitions and other activities. The house has exhibition spaces and six guest rooms for artists.

Villa Gottfried frequently collaborates with international cultural institutions and the Ministries of Culture and Education of Senegal. It's goal is to promote dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures based on individual or collective initiatives and to bring together artists from different cultural backgrounds in the spirit of a shared experience.

During the DAK'ART Biennale, Villa Gottfried presents exhibitions as part of the OFF Biennale. Villa Gottfried is located in N'Gaparou (Senegal), on the Petite Côte, 70 km from Dakar, between Saly and the Somone.