via Zoom between Bahía and Berlin

View here a five minutes excerpt of a conversation between Luciana Moniz from the Museo Do Mato in Bahía, Brazil, and the three project leaders of onAIRISM María Linares, Andreas Schmid and Moira Zoitl in the summer of 2021.

In this part, Luciana talks about the background of the Museo Do Mato in its specific regional environment and about the relation of this museum to its surroundings, in Bahía and elsewhere.

 Museu do Mato is an art and museology collective based in the region of Serra do Sincorá, Chapada Diamantina, Bahía, which emerged as an artistic work in 2014. Its raw material were the relationships between memory, natural cycles and ancestry, since then, it has expanded as a collective, enhancing shared experiences at the Bahía Biennial and at the Bahía Museum of Modern Art.

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