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The concept of diversity is becoming increasingly relevant in democratic and pluralistic societies. The diversity of lifestyles, identities and cultures is not yet reflected in all areas of a society or in its institutional structures.

The IGBK operates from a concept of diversity that recognizes the differences between groups and individuals without judgement. Diversity is seen as an enrichment for society. At the same time, we want to take a critical look at the discourse surrounding the concept of diversity.

Against this background, the IGBK will examine the conditions of artistic work in Europe from the perspective of diversity. What impact do characteristics such as age, gender, origin/language and geographical location (or place of residence) have on the work of visual artists in addition to country-specific cultural policy, art policy and socio-political conditions?
To what extent is the presence or absence of diversity structures in institutions, for example, noticeable in the work of artists?

The IGBK would like to discuss this question with representatives of European partner organisations and other experts (including individuals from the field of diversity research) and develop perspectives for formulating political concerns. The question of the extent to which artists' associations are sufficiently diverse with regard to the changing population structure will also be addressed.

We will start the project in spring 2023 with an internal workshop among IGBK delegates, after which working groups will be formed to jointly discuss thematic blocks such as funding/working spaces, social security/pensions or associations/structures against the background of diversity aspects and in each case in a European context during the course of 2023.

This will be followed by a public event in Berlin in June 2023. The second half of the year will be characterized by digital workshops together with partner organizations of the IAA Europe to discuss the questions and thematic blocks.

The project leaders of "visual artists | diverse conditions" are Christine Düwel, María Linares and Marcel Noack (all three members of the IGBK board).