on 15 and 16 November 2019 in Kloster Bentlage/ Rheine

Nachbarn RGB kleinThe get-together in Kloster Bentlage on 15 and 16 November 2019 marked the conclusion of the event series "Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft", in which the IGBK focused in 2019 on the cross-border cooperation of artists on the transitions between Germany and its neighboring countries.

It was also elaborated on which funding opportunities exist for regional cooperation among artists from neighboring countries, and in particular EU funds, and how this affects local artistic cooperation.

At the same time, the question was asked: What does the term "border" mean in 2019 artistically and politically in Europe, especially against the background of new nationalisms within the European Union and facing Brexit? What new boundaries exist and how do artists deal with them?

Appeal to political and administrative actors in the EU

The IGBK has now issued a call for action to political and administrative actors at various levels of the EU to simplify access for the cultural sector to funding opportunities within the framework of regional development cooperation and European territorial cooperation and to explicitly include culture in the provisions for the according funds and goals  - next to cultural heritage - with its significant contribution for sustainable development, for social cohesion, for economic progress and for the promotion of European integration.

Read the appeal here (translated into English).

An extensive documentation of the entire event series will follow in early 2020.

Get-together in Kloster Bentlage a.o. with Andre Sebastian (taNDem Projekt, Münsterland e.V.), Berenika Partum (Artum Stiftung), Berit Gerd Andersen (Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst), Ben Greber and Bram Kuypers (visual artists/taNDem project/ Convoy), Daniela Barlag (Fördermanagement Stadt Osnabrück), Desiree Brüning (EUREGIO), Emmanuel Mir (NRW Landesbüro für Bildende Kunst), Joachim Mühle (Kultursekretär im Kulturraum Oberlausitz), Jan-Christoph Tonigs (artistic director Kloster Bentlage), Jörg Wagner (visual artist/ board of IGBK), Marcel Noack (visual artist/ board of IGBK), Michiel Van der Path (Dutch Culture), Renske Ebbers (Dutch Culture), Nicole Peters (visual artist/ BBK Niederrhein e.V., member of the Arbeitskreis Regionalkultur/ Kulturraum Niederrhein e.V.), Simone Lamski (visual artist/ taNDem Projekt), Swaantje Güntzel und Jan-Philipp Scheibe (visual artists), und weiteren…


Friday, 15 November 2019

  • 18h    
    Welcome by Jörg Wagner (artist and member of the board of IGBK) and introduction by Jan-Christoph Tonigs (artistic director Kloster Bentlage): "Die Grenze ist nicht der Rand, sondern die Mitte - deutsch-niederländische Kulturpraxis am Kloster Bentlage"
  • 18.30h    
    Podium talk on the taNDem Project of EUREGIO Germany/ Netherlands with the artists Ben Greber und Bram Kuypers (“Convoy”) and with Desiree Brüning (taNDem project management, EUREGIO) and Andre Sebastian (co-initiator of taNDem and project management, Münstlerland e.V.)
  • 19.45h     
    "Kleines Nachbarschaftskochen: Die Grenze zwischen Koch und Gästen wird fließend - Sind Nachbar*innen auch gute Köch*innen? Welche Grenzen gibt es beim Kochen?" An edible experiment with Jörg Wagner and guests.
  • 21h    
    Get-together in the evening*

Saturday, 16 November 2019

  • 10h    
    Consulting workshop in German and Dutch on the international mobility of artists: What are the hurdles (keywords tax questions, social security, ...)? What service do the European Mobility Info Points propose? With Christine Heemsoth, Thomas Weis (both IGBK, and Michiel Van der Padt (Dutch Culture)
  • 12h   
    Workshop discussion "Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft": What similarities can be observed across the regions in cross-border work? What specific opportunities and challenges exist? How can artists and cultural actors receive support and bundle results here?
  • 14h    
    Short summary and farewell by the project leaders of “Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft” Jörg Wagner und Marcel Noack (artists and members of the board of IGBK)

 Moderation: Anna Steinkamp,


Ben Greber and Bram Kuypers met in 2016 during a scholarship stay at Schloss Ringenberg and developed their first joint installation there. Since 2017, they have worked at irregular intervals as a collective - (Greber & Kuypers) - where they develop topics together that they then work on from their individual artistic positions. The results are connected with each other in collaborative installations and spatial concepts.

Ben Greber, born 1979 in Halle, lives and works in Berlin.

Bram Kuypers, born in 1989 in Arnhem, lives and works in Arnhem.

Information about the project "Convoy" here on the website of the taNDem project.

LG taNDem FCtaNDem is a cross-border art and cultural project in the EUREGIO, which is aimed at German and Dutch artists, artists and cultural professionals. The aim is to create a platform that connects the art and culture scene across borders. Therefore, taNDem promotes cross-border cooperation between artists and at the same time establishes a German-Dutch cultural network.

The taNDem project has 3 theme years: Home (2018), Energy (2019) and Paradise (2020). Each year taNDem supports 15 tandems with 15,000 euros each. A tandem consists of at least one German and one Dutch artist. Together, they annually realize art and cultural projects of all kinds on the theme of the year.

In addition to the art projects, taNDem invites everyone to the so-called "taNDEmcamp" at the beginning of each year, a great meeting and exchange platform for artists from both countries.

This event takes place in cooperation with

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Nachbarn RGB klein


Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft / Kloster Bentlage / Photos: © IGBK, 2019

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