Article by Sylvia Amann

Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft


Sylvia Amann, director of the consulting office for strategic cultural development inforelais, has written an article to accompany and document the series of events "Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft". The article briefly outlines the importance of EU regional funding for culture and gives a first outlook on the EU funding period 2021-2027.

PDF for download here (in German)

The article reflects is the opinion of the author and dooes not necessarily reflect the opinion of the IGBK and its cooperation partners.

IGBK discussed artistic cooperation in border regions of Germany in a series of events 2019 under the title "Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft".

The events debated the specific quality of artistic work on intra-European borders. What conditions are cooperations subject to? What funding opportunities exist, especially from the EU side, and how do these affect the artistic work in those regions?

The juxtaposition of the talks also provided ideas as to what the term border in 2019 means artistically and politically in Europe, against the backdrop of new nationalisms within the European Union and also facing Brext in these days. Are boundaries transitions, and how are these transitions ordered? Which cultural boundaries continue to exist, which ones are new and how do artists deal with them?

Artistic exchange between regions and across borders can decisively be a vehicle for cultural and political cohesion. What changes will there possibly be with a new European Parliament and what will be the possibilities under the new Multiannual Financial Framework of the EU, which will run from 2021 onwards? How can artists become active?

Marcel Noack and Jörg Wagner, members of the board of IGBK, were the project leaders for "Übergänge/ Nachbarschaft".