Cooperation of IGBK and Deutscher Künstlerbund

visual artists - diverse conditions

Invitation to the panel discussion "Rahmenbedingungen künstlerischer Arbeit in Bezug auf Diversitätsdimensionen“ („Conditions of artistic work in relation to diversity dimension ") on 08 June 2023 at 7 pm in the exhibition space of the Deutscher Künstlerbund, Markgrafenstraße 67, 10969 Berlin.

The event is free of charge with registration by 07 June 2023. Participation is limited due to space.

You can register here. (Registration is no longer possible.)

The event will be held in German, with feedback and questions in English very welcome.

Veranstaltung 08 Juni 2023

We will discuss with:

  • Anike Joyce Sadiq, visual artist based in Berlin and
  • Valentina Karga, visual artist and professor at Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HFBK) in Hamburg
  • Moderation: Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz, research associate at Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte in Berlin and former diversity officer at Universität der Künste Berlin
  • Welcome and introduction: María Linares, visual artist, Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK), Deutscher Künstlerbund

Diversity and the framework conditions of artistic work

The panel discussion takes place within the framework of the IGBK annual project visual artists | diverse conditions. With this project, the IGBK, against the background of its involvement in the IAA Europe, is examining the conditions of artistic work in Europe from the perspective of diversity.

What impact do characteristics such as age, gender, origin/language and geographical location (or place of residence) have on the work of visual artists in addition to country-specific cultural policy, art policy and socio-political conditions? To what extent is the presence or absence of diversity structures noticeable in institutions, i.e. also in artists' associations? With this in mind, artistic positions are to be included in the discussion round on 8 June.

Valentina Karga is currently working on questioning the concept of the "self" by proposing non-anthropocentric narratives of the future. She wants to expand the diversity discussion to include the perspective of neurodiversity.

In her artistic work, Anike Joyce Sadiq "consistently reconsiders the extent to which social dynamics, intersectionality, and perspectives of difference are negotiated within institutional structures” (excerpt exhibition text „Mit Glück hat es nichts zu tun“).

When The Light Goes Out

The exhibition Wenn das Licht ausgeht („When The Light Goes Out“) (Ute Bartel | Isabel Kerkermeier | Ulrike Kessl | Johannes Sandberger) is presented at the Deutscher Künstlerbund at the time of the event. The exhibition can be visited before and after the talk.

Please register

The event is free of charge with registration by 07 June 2023. You can register here. Participation is limited due to space.

The event is a collaboration of the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK) and Deutscher Künstlerbund. At the same time it is the prelude to the annual IGBK General Assembly on 9 June 2023.


Deutscher Künstlerbund Exhibition Space
Markgrafenstrasse 67
10969 Berlin

Bus: 248 Lindenstraße / Oranienstraße | M29 Charlottenstraße
Underground: U6 Kochstraße

We would like to point out that photographs will be taken at this event which may be published for documentation and PR purposes in the press, on the website of the organizers IGBK and Deutscher Künstlerbund, in printed matter and in social media. We will also record the first part of the panel discussion, i.e. the introduction and the inputs, as well as the moderation as an audio file. The recording will be switched off as soon as we enter the open discussion. This will be pointed out again at the beginning of the event.

A cooperation of

 IGBK und Künstlerbund

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