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"BAR 1", Bengaluru ("Bengaluru Artist Residency One"), is a non-profit exchange programme by artists for artists to foster the local, Indian and international mutual exchange of ideas and experiences through guest residencies in Bangalore. The charm of this Residency Programme in Bangalore so far has been its personal and hands on way of functioning. It has been run and conceptualized from within the local Bangalore artist community. "BAR 1" has hosted more than 100 artists and several projects in the span of 10 years.

In her contribution, the artist and curator Surekha talks about her various activities in Bangalore, where she helped initiate the trailblazing residency and studio space project "BAR 1", among others, and where she most recently worked as a curator for the "Rangoli Metro Art Centre", a centre funded by the city of Bangalore which implements exhibits and participatory projects near MG Road metro station.

Interview originally published in 2015.

More information on the whole project "Dreams of Art Spaces Collected" (2015).


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