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Künstlerhaus Weitenhagen
Koitenhagen 5
18461 Weitenhagen
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NOVOPO stands for Nordvorpommern and thus for the location of the art project initiated by the artist Andrea Hildebrandt in 2012. Based on the focus of the project work - the artistic/art-theoretical investigation of our current understanding of nature in modern urban living situations, in the field of tension between (supposedly) rural idyll and current socio-political processes - international artists have been invited to work on the farm in Weitenhagen since 2012. Weitenhagen is located in the coastal foothills of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern about 20 km south of Barth. Due to space constraints, the project had to take a break in 2014-2016. From 2019 onwards, a separate house - directly on the edge of the forest - will be available especially for guest artists.

The stay on site offers concentration and the possibility to deal with the local/spatial conditions in tension with urban structures/urban life. A place that creates the best conditions for reflecting on reality and visualising artistic thought processes.

Requests for a guest residency with a project outline are possible at any time. The allocation for the coming season is decided at the beginning of each year. As the location is somewhat remote and not directly connected to the public transport system, it is advisable to travel by car. Site-specific projects that engage with the spatial context would be nice, but are not a prerequisite for a stay on site. Artists from other disciplines, such as musicians and authors, are also welcome to submit a project proposal. The project sees itself as a free space - as an experimental field for artistic methods, expressions and analyses. The project is at the interface between visual arts and art studies.
During the stay, the artist has access to a living/working room in the house. Bathroom and kitchen are for shared use. Internet access is available for free use. The residency is attached to a 2500m² plot of land, which also offers opportunities to use the outdoor space. There is a small herb garden and a variety of fruit bushes. The extensive forest begins directly at the property. Currently, two artists can work on site at the same time.