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Field Kitchen Academy
Blüthener Weg 4
19348 Perleberg
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Field Kitchen Academy is a biannual unusual mobile innovative educational residency program, that brings together carefully curated renown experts with its selected residents around the topics of sound, art and music with an interdisciplinary approach. Its uniqueness is rooted not only in its interdisciplinary one-of-its-kind structure, but also in it's unusual structure that acts as a source of inspiration for its participants long after the residency ends. It builds long-lasting international artist communities that independently continue producing.

Field Kitchen Academy acts in two dimensions. It is an educational lab for experimentation, discussion, trial and fail, progression of knowledge and creativity where heated and open debates can take place. And it is an educational residency for 11 participants and one resident cook. It provides a ‘simmering’ time for its residents, where they will have the opportunity to reflect through the knowledge they co-created with the experts.

Each edition of Field Kitchen Academy is uses the residency period as a process for a field research on a particularly selected concept. It chooses to take place in idyllic or characteristically unique areas to attain an encapsulated focus of its participants.

At the Field Kitchen Academy, the kitchen table is a symbol for uniting and overcoming the hierarchies of conventional education. It stands out for a table of equity and experience exchange platform where professionals and street smarts share their wisdom with the residents of the programme.
Single or shared twin rooms depending on preference, serving 3 meals and 2 coffee breaks, site visits, participation to weekend seminars, events and exhibitions.
Field Kitchen Academy is a mobile residency programme that takes place in various places. Since 2019, it has been flourishing at GUTSHAUS WÜSTEN BUCHHOLZ, that was used as the cultural center and the gathering place of the village back in its GDR history. The Manor owns a 1000 m2 barn that is used for concerts, studios, dinners and other creational events. The vicinity of Gutshaus Wüsten Buchholz is 2,5 hectares and includes a man- made island. In addition to the land and estates of Gutshaus Wüsten Buchholz, from 2022 we will be able to use a new performance venue, a storage place for agricultural vehicles which is app. 1000 m2. All the venues at Wüsten Buchholz is open to our use, depending on the artists’ preference and choice.
Artists are invited to present their work/ ideas after each working session week, however this is also not mandatory.