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Projektstipendium KunstKommunikation
Klosterstr. 10
48477 Hörstel
02551 694217
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German, English
€ 500.00 allowance for the design, rojects selected for realization will be granted a stipend of up to € 8,000
a child, your partner, groups
- Parking for people with disabilities - Building accessible without steps via the side entrance - Almost all rooms and facilities that can be used by guests and are elevated are accessible without steps or via an elevator (exceptions: gallery, chapter house and vaults) - 90 cm minimum width of all passageways/doors (exception: control room) - WC for people with disabilities - Assistance dogs welcome
© Projektstipendium KunstKommunikation
As the heart of the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, the district of Steinfurt
promotes participatory art projects and interventions in rural areas on an international level with the project grant Art Communication, which is unique in Germany. True to the motto "Participate and think along", the art projects have been addressing a broad, regional public for over fifteen years and invite them to be an active part of the art scene. Life-related themes provide the occasion for artistic projects, actions and interventions at the DA and throughout the region, often in cooperation with businesses, associations and schools in the region. The DA, Kunsthaus is the first institution in Germany that shows art between participation and intervention in rural areas and promotes it on an international level.
During their stay as part of the KunstKommunikation project fellowship, the artists have apartments and a communal kitchen at their disposal. Each apartment has its own shower room.
During the project year, each scholarship holder has a studio room available as aproject space. Work or presentations can be made in this space, and in consultation with the DA management we try to do justice to artistic freedom.
Nordöstliches Münsterland
Each of the project ideas selected for the Ideas Workshop will receive an allowance for the design of € 500.00 after the elaborated project synopsis has been submitted (if applicants submit several ideas, the allowance will still only be awarded once). The copyright of the artistic project idea and the right to carry out the project remains with the artists. Accommodation during the workshop in April 2023 will be provided by the DA, Kunsthaus. Each of the projects selected for realization will be granted a stipend of up to € 8,000. This includes the artistic performance (fee) as well as material, organizational, travel and transport costs (including all taxes) within a previously agreed framework. The documentation created on site, working materials used, etc. of the artistic project become the property of the DA, Kunsthaus. If artworks/installations are created as part of the project, at least one work will become part of the art collection of the project grant and remain the property of the DA, Kunsthaus. Thus, the project and the work of the artists will be permanently documented and presented in the DA, Kunsthaus. The type and scope of the work will be determined by contract. The copyright remains with the artists. Each project will be documented on the website of the DA, Kunsthaus (, Facebook page ( and on Instagram ( with image and text files as well as video and sound clips, if applicable. The DA, Kunsthaus receives the right to publish the project and the resulting artworks free of charge in its own media (with naming of the scholarship holders). Presence during the entire project period is not mandatory. However, it is assumed that the scholarship holders will be on site during the actual implementation phases. During this time, an apartment is available rent-free for the project fellows. Furthermore, each selected project receives a permanent project room/studio (rentfree). This can be used as a working, meeting and/or exhibition space, depending on the orientation and progress of the project. It is expected that the project space, which can also be viewed and/or entered by the public, will be used regularly by the fellows. The detailed time and usage plan for this will be agreed upon with the management of the DA, Kunsthaus before the project begins.
The Board of Trustees of the DA, Kunsthaus is the jury and decides on the selection of the project scholarships. Based on the submitted project sketches, up to 15 project ideas are selected in a first jury session. These projects will be further elaborated and developed by the artists in an ideas workshop lasting several days and then presented to the jury. In this ideas workshop, the applicants also receive information about the monastery and its history and they get to know the location and the DA, Kunsthaus as well as its guiding ideas. After the ideas workshop, the submitted project idea must be elaborated and submitted in a printed version as well as in digital form. From the elaborated project designs, up to four projects will be selected by the Board of Trustees for realization. The final judging will take place in October and the applicants will be informed about the jury's decision immediately afterwards.