Profil picture of Alicia Candiani in front of one of her art works (c) Proyecto 'ace

Alicia Candiani was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she lives and works. She is the founding director of Proyecto’ace, a 16 years old artist in residence international program focused on expanded field contemporary art practices with focus in print media, photography, design and digital media and the president of Fundacion Ace para el Arte Contemporáneo, a nonprofit organization focusing in contemporary art development.

Currently she also serves as Latin America Deputy Dean in the IPI-International Printmaking Institute at the Central Academy of Arts in Beijing, China; is a member of the International Advisory Boards at the International Academic Print Alliance IAPA based in CAFA-Central Academy of Arts, China; Open Portfolio Project, related with FIG Bilbao International Festival of Print and Art on Paper, in Bilbao, Spain and Aphoteke Art Magazine in the University of Santa Catarina in Brazil as well as is part of the International Exchange Alumni Association at the American Bureau of Educative and Cultural Affairs.

She was appointed International Theodore Randall Chair in Expanded Media at the NYSCC at Alfred University, New York, USA (2018) and has been a visiting professor in a number of. Foreign universities being the Shanghai Art and Design Institute in China, Montclair State University in the USA and the Academy of Art and Fashion Design in Lodz, Polonia among them. Her international artistic practice consists of expanded print and digital media work, architectural interventions and collaborative art projects with artists and communities around the world.

Candiani’s work has been shown in over 300 shows, biennials and one-person exhibitions since 1977. In addition, she has received important international awards, being the Semi Grand Prize at the Hida-Takayama Contemporary International Triennial in Japan (2020) the last of them. Alicia has also been awarded Art Residencies at the Institute of Electronic Arts in New York, the Kansas City Artists Coalition in Kansas City, the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut, Inky Paper Program-University of Wyoming, Western Washington University at Bellingham and Iowa State University in Ames, all of them in the United States; Akademija, Belgrade, Serbia; Guanlan Original Print Base, Shenzhen, China; Atelier Presse Papier in Trois Riviéres and University of Alberta in Edmonton, both in Canada and the Frans Masereel Center for the Graphics in Kasterlee, Belgium.

Candiani is graduated in Visual Arts and Architecture at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina. She did post-graduate studies in Latin American and Art Criticism in the University of Buenos Aires and specialized in digital media in Iowa State University in the United States

Alicia joins us for the workshop at the onAIRISM - challenges and transitions conference in November 2021.

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