Program Kreativ-Transfer, Online and free of charge, on 01 March 2022

Register until 21 February for the Kreativ-Transfer online Q&A and input on the issue of "Transport & Customs" on 01 March 2022 at 10.00-13.00h.

Event with Klaus Hillman/ Tandem Lagerhaus and Kraftverkehr Kunst GmbH and Thomas Weis/ IGBK und touring artists.

Find the registration form here (registration until 21 February 2022).

Transporting artwork for presentation at a trade show or for sale often raises questions: How does the artwork get safely from A to B? Which customs regulations have to be observed within and especially outside the EU?

We seek and find answers to these questions and many more together with you and the experts Klaus Hillman and Thomas Weis.

The Q&A takes place in German, but questions in English are welcome.

More information here on the website of the program Kreativ-Transfer.

Workshop RK Kreativ Transfer