Workshop within the scope of the EU funded project GALA (Green Art Lab Alliance), 12/13 March 2014 in Berlin. The workshop provided an overview of approaches taken to embed environmental criteria into cultural funding.

The GALA project receives the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union and is coordinated by Julie’s Bicycle and DutchCulture | TransArtists. Coordinator of the workshop: On the Move (OTM), Cultural Mobility Information Network. Berlin-based partners: International Theatre Institute (ITI) - Germany and IGBK

Tools and resources were shared and methodology used by some funding bodies, such as the Arts Council England, which has embedded criteria around environmental reporting into funding agreements since 2012, were presented.

The workshop also covered case studies of how cultural organisations are interpreting environmental sustainability and the potential impact of policy in aiding and supporting this work, with a focus on touring, residencies and other mobility related work.

Along with the GALA workshop, "Training sustainability!", a training for ecological and sustainable cultural work took place. The training - supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and ITI - approached leaders and stakeholders in the performing arts. Experiences were shared at a joined introductory presentation by Julie’s Bicycle and at a "Green Salon".

Finally the participants also had the chance to visit the sustainable cultural venue, ufaFabrik.

Have a look at the programme hereExecutive report of the workshop.

Information is also available at the On the Move webpage.