New publication by Culture Action Europe collects information from EU member states

The interdisciplinary forum for the non-governmental cultural sector in Europe, Culture Action Europe (CAE), has made available in December 2021 on its website a new publication providing an overview of the place of culture in the National Recovery and Resilience Programs (NRRP) of the Member States of the European Union.

You can download the publication on Culture Action Europe's website here
Culture in the EU's National Recovery and Resilience Plans


This brief overview aims at analysing what types of investments and reforms (if any) are contained in the NRRPs directly supporting Europe’s cultural ecosystem, which has been among the most affected by the long crisis and the subsequent containment measures.

By doing this, CAE also follows up on the call by the European cultural and creative sectors to specifically earmark at the very least 2% of each NRRP for culture. #CulturalDealEU

Also the European Parliament had backed these demands with a resolution in September 2020.

View the German NRRP here (in German).

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