Casa Tres Patios

Tony Evanko sitting in front of a bookshelf with his laptop. (c) Casa Tres Patios

Tony Evanko is the director of the Foundation Casa Tres Patios. Since 2006 he has directed the foundation and been the driving force behind its programs.

He teaches and advises art students in the University of Antioquia and has been a part-time professor in the National University of Colombia, the University Foundation for Fine Arts and the University of New Mexico. These experiences have enabled him to forge important alliances with the academic community both in Colombia and abroad.

He frequently lectures about art and education, socially based artistic practices and self-organized cultural initiatives. He mentors young arts organizations in their development, and has participated on the Arts Council of Medellin in the area of New Media.

Tony joined us for the onAIRISM - challenges and transitions workshop in May 2021

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