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Caitlind r.c  Brown is an artist, collaborator, and cultural organizer based in Calgary, Canada (known as Mohkinstsis in Blackfoot). She is a co-founder and curator of WRECK CITY, an artist-run curatorial collective facilitating experimental exhibitions in alternative spaces. Their most recent project, the WRECK CITY Residency (2018), invited 21 artists from across North America to occupy half-a-dozen vacant, under renovation, and pre-demolition buildings spanning 50 city blocks. (Watch a documentary created by the filmmaker-in-residence, Polina Teif, here)

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Caitlind’s daily art practice is shared with collaborator, Wayne Garrett, developing touring art installations and public art projects, including The Wandering Island, Delta Garden + The City Unseen, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and more. Parallel to the process of civic art-making, Caitlind & Wayne have cultivated a deinstitutionalized domestic art series called The Hibernation Project (2019 – present), originating in their own backyard. A tool for embracing and combating Winter in Canada, each weekend for 12 consecutive weeks, an open community of artists is invited to respond to a theme, creating and adapting artworks to share with an intimate viewership, intended as a gratifying, productive, and immediate experience. The Hibernation Project is a gestation period for concepts, workshopping ideas, and peer-to-peer critique. In light of COVID-19 gathering regulations, The Hibernation Project expanded in 2020/2021 to include abstract “locations,” including community radio, tobogganing hills, public parks, the internet, as well as the artists’ backyard.


Caitlind is a firm believer in art’s potential to communicate across barriers, permeating the everyday and gently building our human capacity for self-criticality / a clearer vision of the complex, superimposed world(s) that engulf us always.

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