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Sophia Tabatadze co Sophia Tabatadze(c) Maciej Kaczyński

Jagna Domżalska (1980) - art historian, curator, promoter and producer. Initiator of the artist-in-residence programme at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań, Poland (since 2012), organizer of study visits for curators. Producer of the Poznań Culture Congress (2011). Previously affiliated with private galleries in Poznań (Piekary Gallery: 2008-2009, Pies Gallery: 2005-2006) and the NGO milieu. Supports artists and young curators. Teacher at University of Arts in Poznań.

Recently took over program of the ZONA Art Gallery at the Art Academy in Szczecin. Author of solo and group shows in various institutions. At the moment working on "Zbliżeniowo" (Contactless) exhibition, the third of a series of group exhibitions, preceded by "World Peace Begins At The Family Table" (07.09-07.10.2018, ZAMEK Cultural Center, Poznań), and "Happiness is Born in the Guts" (28.06-01.09.2019, ARSENAŁ Municipal Gallery, Poznań).

"I believe in enabling. I support artists by helping them to realize their projects, by connecting them with right people and places. Supporting authors used to be my main experience for the past 16 years. I have worked with artists of various disciplines although visual arts has always been the most important. I curate and produce art events and promote art. I see art as communication and therefore I believe in eduactional programs that help audience participate in events but above all helps artists dehermetisize their art. I believe in strength of curating for an artist and with the artist. I also experimented recently with a format of an exhibition which is something between a solo show and a group show, when two artists work with one curator in a kind of a trialogue."

Jagna joined us for the onAIRISM - challenges and transitions workshop in May 2021

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