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Künstlerresidenz Lauscha
Bahnhofsstraße 29
98724 Lauscha
3-6 months
1000€ Monthly Scholarship
not specified, please contact residency operator
no / not specified
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Four centuries of Lauscha glass have left their mark. Workshops and studios for glass eyes, Christmas tree decorations and handicraft and artistic glass design characterise the town, and the Museum of Glass Art, the Farbglashuette and the Berufsfachschule Glas are based in Lauscha.
Glass artists and craftsmen based in Lauscha and the surrounding area practise a variety of forms and techniques of glass design, cold working and hot forming.
Not far away, you will also find the European Museum of Glass in Rödenthal, the Geißlerhaus in Neuhaus am Rennweg, the Glass Apparatus Museum in Cursdorf, the Flacon Museum in Tettau and the Ilmenau Vocational School for Glass Apparatus Construction.

As if that were not enough, Lauscha is located in the Thuringian Slate Mountains, almost directly on the Rennsteig with a grandiose landscape characterised by mountains, forests, narrow valleys and people of a special stamp.

The Goethe School cultural collective has been in existence since 2014. Working together and side by side, up to 40 artists and artisans form a BAUHAUS working concept in the deep province of the Thuringian Forest. Exhibitions, concerts, readings, workshops, plays, one poetry slam a year, their own contributions to Lauscha events and a small library then carry these artistic/cultural resources to the outside world. All of this in a time-honoured cultural monument - the 120-year-old Goethe School.

Since 2017, the association has been supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation, New Länder Fund, with the project "Artists' Residence at the Cultural Collective". Since November 2018, an artists' residence has been set up in this cultural monument, primarily for glass artists.
In cooperation with local glass artists, craftsmen and industry, an artist-in-residence programme is to be initiated here, funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation, New Länder Foundation, the Thuringian State Chancellery and other sponsors. There are 6 monthly scholarships available. These include free accommodation, a 1000€ monthly stipend and a free studio in the house. All this will be complemented by a programme with regional artists to be agreed upon.
At the end of and during the stay, a corresponding exhibition will be organised in the Museum of Glass Art or the Goethe School Gallery.