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Werkstatt Altena
Kirchstraße 16
58746 Altena
Aleksandra Bacevic
3-6 months
not specified, please contact residency operator
no / not specified
© Werkstatt Altena
The "Werkstatt Altena" e. V. was founded on 10.11.1976 to promote young visual artists. It was intended to be an association that supported young artists purely privately and without detours with the membership fees through a scholarship. The initiators were of the opinion that it was not enough to assure each other of the importance of promoting art and to call on the public sector to do something about it.

It was considered particularly useful to help young unknown artists. In addition, the association should remain open to the diverse currents in art today. The workshop's income from contributions and donations should be used for promotion without organisational losses, because art promotion could generally be done more effectively if two euros were not needed for administration for every euro that actually benefited art. The grant includes accommodation, a studio in the city centre and a maintenance allowance for the duration of 6 months.
As far as feasible, we will support a solo exhibition in Altena at the end of the scholarship.and can organise smaller presentation opportunities during the scholarship inorganise smaller presentation opportunities during the scholarship period.