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AiR Programme Kranich Museum
Dorfplatz 2-5
18317 Hessenburg/Saal
1-3 months
not specified, please contact residency operator
no / not specified
not specified
© AiR Programme Kranich Museum
The Kranich Museum's Artist in Residence programme offers exceptionally talented artists and performers in the visual arts - performance, literature, theatre, sound and contemporary dance - the opportunity to immerse themselves in the northern German landscape near the Baltic Sea.

The programme provides the artist in residence with an honorarium, space for their work, a private flat next to the museum, travel reimbursement and a budget for the production of a new work. The residency lasts one month and can be taken up in March or November each year.

In return, residents are expected to develop a body of work in engagement with the context around them and also to document the process that led to the creation of the final work. The new art object will naturally become part of the Kranich Museum's collection, while the documentation materials will be displayed in the hotel rooms, providing an insight into the artistic process.