Flora Valeska Woudstra (she/her) is an artist and writer based in the Netherlands. Three and a half years ago she acquired a brain injury and has, since then, been learning to listen to and work with her body’s language of symptoms. She is interested in the reciprocal influence between body and text, drawings, and spaces, and considers the body as an archive, carrying the experiences and histories that move through it.

Flora has received her MA at the Dutch Art Institute and her visual and literary work have appeared at Daily Practice, Terras, Awater, Stichting Perdu, Shimmer, Poetry International and in The Bendigo Art Gallery.

Flora will be giving an input at the visual artists | diverse conditions workshop on 08 November 2023 together with Stephan Blumenschein on the issue of 'Visual Artists Associations and Structures against the Background of Diversity Aspects in Europe' from an Austrian and a Dutch perspective.