22 and 23 September 2022 in Helsinki, Finland

Group picture of the participants of the IAA Symposium in September 2022 sitting on stairs (c) IAA Europe

General Assembly and Symposium organized by IAA Europe together with the Artists' Association of Finland and a-n The Artists Information Company (UK)

On 23 September 2022, the 16th General Assembly of IAA Europe was held in Helsinki. It was hosted by the Artists' Association of Finland and by a-n The Artists Information Company (UK).

A new Executive Committee and a new Presidency were elected. Elected to the new Executive Committee were:

Teemu Mäki (Suomen Taiteilijaseura/ Finnland) - President | Sara Edström (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation/ Sweden) - Vice-President | Anders Werdelin (Billedkunstnernes Forbund/ Denmark) - Treasurer | Hilde Tørdal (Norske Billedkunstnere/ Norway) | Jerome Ince-Mitchell (a-n The Artists Information Company/ UK) | Egle Ganda Bogdaniene (Lietuvos dailininku sajunga/ Lithuania) | Marcel Noack (IGBK/ Germany) | Andrea Kristek Kozarova (Slovenska Vytvarna Unia/ Slovakia) | Maria Moroz (Zwiazek Polskich Artystow Plastykow/ Poland) | Katina Kosta (Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts E.KA.TE/ Cyprus)

Another fotographer takes pictures of of two new member of the Executive Committee who carry flowers in their hands in front of a artwork (c) Artists Association of Finland

On the day before the General Assembly, 22 September 2022, the symposium "Building Artists' Futures - Strengthening Solidarity" was held.

"Showing solidarity for our colleagues at the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, this year’s IAA Europe Symposium invites visual artists, curators and cultural organisations to share ways to support artists seeking refuge.

Building Artists’ Futures will question why creating and exhibiting art matters in times of war and explore what the IAA Europe and the wider international art community can do to establish sustainable support networks. Speakers will share their experiences of programmes aimed at supporting artists seeking refuge to continue their practices and offer their views on how to deepen the representation of Ukrainian artists, artworks and cultural events that make Ukraine an important part of Europe."

Click here for the symposium program on the Artists Association of Finland website.

More information on the website of IAA Europe.