Bogotá, Colombia

Audience sitting in the outside area of the Parche with a fire place(c) EL PARCHE

Olga Robayo from EL PARCHE joined us for the onAIRISM - challenges and transitions workshop in May 2021

EL PARCHE Artist Residency began in 2009 as a pilot project for an artist residency and laboratory space for the production and circulation of art. The project was supported during its first year by Norsk Kulturråd (Norwegian Ministry of Culture) and OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway) but since the second half of 2010 it has operated as an independent space, managed by artists and with ad-hoc support for each project or residency.

During its 11 years of operation, EL PARCHE has developed a program of residencies, exhibitions, creation laboratories, workshops and other artistic productions, hosting in its space artists, curators and national and foreign cultural managers. Working in collaboration with them to diversify the spaces and practice of the visual arts as well as strengthening the local art scene.

Men with a traditional poncho sitting on a bench wearing a white pasture. Behind the man is a pink hammock and two televisions.