On The Move's General Assembly and related meetings were held in Cardiff, Wales on April 4 and 5, 2017; in cooperation with Wales Arts International.

IGBK attended (Thomas Weis and Christine Heemsoth), alongside with the International Theatre Institute (ITI) Germany.

The new elected board consists of: Anna Galas-Kosil (President), Pavla Petrova (Secretary), Marie Fol (Treasurer), Anaïs Lukacs, Yohann Floch, Elena Di Federico and Kamma Siegumfeldt (Administrators).

Five working groups have been set up: 1) Mobility Information points’ subgroup: coordinators: Jana Grünewald/Christine Heemsoth (ITI/IGBK); 2) Communication: Marion Marchand (Circostrada) on the basis of what has been carried out with the Luxembourg workshops in 2012 and 2014; 3) Visas and freedom of movement: Reinier Klok (DutchCulture) and 4) Advocacy: Elena Di Federico (IETM).

For more information and On The Move's activities look also here.

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