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Representation of interest

Broadening one’s horizons and crossing frontiers are important premises of artistic practice. The IGBK represents the German visual artists within the International Association of Art (IAA), the largest non-governmental international association of visual artists.

Since the mid-90s work at the European level has become a new focus for the IGBK. Within the European Union the possibilities to work internationally have considerably improved. For example, residencies and international exhibition projects are much easier to organise since obstacles of mobility (e.g., customs and visa duties) have been abolished. Artists took the initiative to establish European networks and associations for supporting exchange and making the artist’s voice heard regarding working conditions, since more and more important decisions are made in Brussels, e.g., related to questions of taxation or copyright.
The two most important artists’ organisations on a European level are the International Association of Art (IAA) Europe and the European Council of Artists (ECA). Moreover, the IGBK is involved with Culture Action Europe (CAE).
At a national level the IGBK is a member of the German UNESCO Commission and the Fine Arts Council of the German Cultural Council.

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