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Publication ‚Dreams of Art Spaces Collected‘

Contemporary art spaces are now emerging in different locations around the world. Their vitality is based on the interaction between different actors and influences: operators, artistic and theoretical contributions, the audience, exchanges with spaces in other locations, and especially the particular local conditions.


IGBK publication, 2015
released at Revolver Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-95763-249-4
Price: 12.90 €


The new Dreams of Art Spaces Collected Reader combines eleven contributions on project spaces, initiatives, and networks by authors from Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Eastern Europe, and Germany – from experts who call these places home. Dreams of Art Spaces Collected was launched in 2007 and has been growing and changing continuously ever since. The Reader is published by the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK), Dorothee Albrecht, Andreas Schmid, and Moira Zoitl.

The book was released at Revolver Publishing and is available at every bookshop and can be purchased from the IGBK office.



  • Milestones of the ›Dreams of Art Spaces Collected‹ project
  • Dorothee Albrecht Dreaming the Globe with ›Dreams of Art Spaces Collected‹
  • Koyo Kouoh Filling the Voids. The Emergence of Independent Contemporary Art Spaces in Africa
  • Khaled Ramadan Arab Spring Aesthetics vs. Arab Art Initiatives—a Growing Paradox
  • Gabi Ngcobo Does This Window Have a Memory? The Center for Historical Reenactments (CHR)
  • Nancy Adajania Not ›Freedom From‹, but ›Freedom Towards‹: the Evolving Narrative of ›Khoj‹
  • Leung Chi Wo Work Space
  • Su Wei Alternative Spaces in China: Boundaries Between the Institutional and the Individual
  • Eyal Danon The Israeli Center for Digital Art—The Jessy Cohen Project
  • Alina Serban Emancipatory Effects. Notes on Institutional and Curatorial Practices in Eastern Europe
  • Annette Maechtel The Post-Reunification Berlin: the Cultural Policy Conditions Affecting Projects and Independent Groups. Interview with Christiane Zieseke
  • Séverine Marguin Project Spaces in the Berlin Art Field



In October 2015 the reader was presented in the Self-Publishing Area of the Frankfurt Book Fair.
In March 2015 the IGBK joined BBK Leipzig at the Leipziger Buchmesse to present Dreams of Art Spaces Collected.
In February 2015 the editors presented the new reader at ifa-Galery Berlin.

To get more information about the first Dreams of Art Spaces Collected project in 2007, click here.




The publication and the IGBK are supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Kulturstiftung der Länder.