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The Artist Feeling - Existenzanalysen. 2009





A project by IGBK and Lothringer13 - Städtische Kunsthalle München, July 11, 2009
(Market) trends, rankings and performance reports meanwhile play an important role as regards the review of contemporary art. How have life and work models of visual artists changed within the last years? How high rates an autonomous artistic development in the age of ’artist rankings’?
These questions were addressed by ‘The Artist Feeling - Existenzanalysen’, planed and moderated by annette hollywood, Frank Michael Zeidler and Uli Aigner.
Different models of artistic production and self-expression were discussed and life models confronted with artists’ biographies and real working situations. For some it seems to be naive to ignore the machinery of the market and to go on without any career planning at all. Others insist on developing own positions contrary to trends and market requirements.
In the following ‘The Artist Feeling – Existenzanalysen’ is documented by a report of the Munich based journalist Heinz Schütz as well as by videos (in German language only). The videos present lectures by Stefan Dillemuth and Diego Castro as well as an interview with the artist and curator of Lothringer13 Uli Aigner.


Intro Lothringer13, Uli Aigner (Quicktime-Movie, 9,2 MByte)

Intro IGBK, annette hollywood (Quicktime-Movie, 6,0 MByte)

Intro Existenzanalysen - the program (Quicktime-Movie, 1,8 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (1) Wege zur Kunst (Quicktime-Movie, 15,4 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (2) Karriere (Quicktime-Movie, 20,0 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (3) Selbstorganisation (Quicktime-Movie, 21,7 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (4) Forschung (Quicktime-Movie, 8,9 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (5) Fragen zu Markt und Geld (Quicktime-Movie, 29,7 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (6) Fragen zur Herkunft (Quicktime-Movie, 7,9 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (7) Bohemistische Forschung (Quicktime-Movie, 22,2 MByte)

Stefan Dillemuth (8) Autonomie (Quicktime-Movie, 23,2 MByte)

Diego Castro (1) Wege zur Kunst (Quicktime-Movie, 16,9 MByte)

Diego Castro (2) Vortrag I (Quicktime-Movie, 20,5 MByte)

Diego Castro (3) Vortrag II (Quicktime-Movie, 26,6 MByte)

Diego Castro (4) Vortrag III (Quicktime-Movie, 26,6 MByte)

Diego Castro (4) Vortrag III (Quicktime-Movie, 22,3 MByte)

Diego Castro (6) q+a1 (Quicktime-Movie, 9,5 MByte)

Diego Castro (7) q+a2 (Quicktime-Movie, 18,1 MByte)

Interview mit Uli Aigner (1) (Quicktime-Movie, 16,9 MByte)

Interview mit Uli Aigner (2) (Quicktime-Movie, 7,6 MByte)